Can Healthy be Tasty?

April 8, 2014

It seems that now more than ever,

we as a general public, are more concerned with what we are putting in our bodies with each meal. It was not long ago, that a healthy meal included butter, white flour, starchy sides and heavy, red meats.

Now, contrary to previous generations, we are moving away from the regular consumption of the aforementioned ingredients and focusing more on low carb, low fat and high protein diets. Unfortunately, it is not easy to make all of these dietary restrictions magically come together to create a delicious and fulfilling meal.

Here are some simple, and easy tips to change the way you and your family eat, while still maintaining the tasty flavors you all crave!

Easy Tips


✓ Cut the butter and replace it with olive oil or a high omega butter substitute: Olive oil and coconut oil are more and more frequently being used in place and previous high-saturated fat ingredients. If you must have that buttery taste though, don’t be afraid to use a product such as Smart Balance.


✓ Replace sugar with honey or agave: When baking, sugar is a staple in any recipe. Try replacing it with pure or organic honey or the very sweet, agave nectar.


✓ Wheat flour wins! We have learned from the “experts” that white flour is the enemy. Try using wheat, almond or rice flour with your meals rather than white.


✓ Go grains! At Tom Bailey’s we recently created a collection of Quinoa salads as well as a Multi-grain vegetable rice that has become very popular. Try replacing a white potato side with one of these for a high protein, high fiber and low carb option.

Hope these tips were helpful!